How can Adrian Leopard & Company help professional firms with dispute resolution?

All solicitors and accountants have clients who form time to time find themselves in a dispute and the range of possible disputes is quite enormous. Dispute resolution is a commercial activity because usually the parties need a commercial solution. Adrian Leopard & Company has been assisting clients in resolving disputes for many years and has helped parties to come to negotiated settlements without the need for extended litigation.

It is our practice to continue to maintain the interest and services of referring firms, both legal and accounting, because they will know their clients best. Our niche is to advise and act in relation to seeking commercial solutions. Sometimes, of course, these will still be via court action but often court action is the catalyst needed to get the parties to the negotiating table

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Mediation "mini-seminars"

You think you and your staff know about commercial mediation?

Think again!

Our experience is showing that, like Guinness in the 1990s, you didn't like it because you had never had it!

We provide for professional firms an educational seminar for an hour covering perhaps a lunch period when we will explain mediation and then open the seminar for discussion to those present to see how they think it could help them. This service is provided at a reduced rate to encourage the growth of knowledge about mediation and, even better, you can notch up an hour's CPD towards your annual requirement.

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How else can we help professional firms?

We can offer you

  • electronic money laundering KYC service
  • client health check service
  • insolvency telephone advice line service

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