Expert witness

Adrian Leopard & Co can undertake appointment as an expert witness in relation to insolvency matters or as chartered accountants in appropriate disputes. This could be a voluntary process between parties to a dispute or as a result of a court order where the parties must either instruct a single expert who will advise the court or each side may instruct its own expert to act of its behalf.

All types of procedure mentioned here are subject to their own agreements which explain the procedures and how they operate. The issue of costs will be dealt with in every case individually.

Adrian Leopard & Co is happy to discuss all forms of dispute resolution with interested parties so that the form most suitable may be selected and implemented. What must be remembered is that outside formal court procedures, parties have a virtually absolute discretion to determine the best forward in the settlement of disputes.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.


Independent counsel’s opinion

A form of resolution which has been around for many years and which is more applicable to decisions based on judgements of law is where the parties submit a joint instruction to a barrister for the expression of a legal opinion based on the facts.

This could take place as part of an overall dispute resolution procedure where a legal issue becomes a central point, and not necessarily as a basis to solve a dispute in toto.